Lean Management Certification Training

Lean Management Certification Training

This course on Lean Management will provide you with skills in Lean and Lean Management concepts, as well as how you can use these skills in your organization.

Course description

What’s the focus of this course?
Why is the certification most sought-after?
What are the course objectives?
What are the career benefits in-store for you?
Who should take this course?

Exam & certification

How will I become a Lean Management Certified professional?


What will I get along with this training?
What is Lean?
What does Lean Management Certification demonstrates?
What are the eligibility criteria for attending Lean Management training?
Do I get practice tests along with the Lean Management training?
I’d like to learn more about this training program. Who should I contact?
What do I need to do to unlock my Simplilearn certificate?

Course Curriculum

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Luciana Paulise
She is a business consultant and founder of Biztorming Training & Consulting. She is also a Quality Engineer certified by the American Society of Quality. Luciana is columnist for various important media sites and is Influential Voice for the ASQ. Book Author and speaker.


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